Community-building opportunities at EMS include:

Seminary Community Council (SCC) is composed of students and faculty members. SCC assists in structuring a community life of Christian sharing and caring. It operates from the understanding that a dynamic community life is vital to the academic process. Since Christian community requires committed individuals, every student, faculty and staff member is expected to use his or her gifts and influence for the enrichment of community life.

SCC appointsstudent representatives to Seminary and University committees.

The community gathers for Seminary Chapel twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Student groups often provide leadership for chapel. The experience of worship is central to our community life, and students are encouraged to faithfully support the chapel services.

An hour for lunch immediately follows seminary chapel when students and faculty are encouraged to gather in the lounge for food, fellowship and conversation.

We also gather with the wider university for special lectures and campus-wide chapels. A university chapel schedule is posted and students are welcome to attend these on days when seminary chapel is not held.

Spiritual Life Week gives students, faculty and staff an opportunity to consider their faith journeys together. Each fall special events are planned for the community. Wednesday afternoon classes are cancelled and students are invited to a retreat.

The SCC has developed guidelines for the use of the Seminary Study Room.  You can find those guidelines here:

The Seminary Kitchen is thought of by some students as the real life-blood of the seminary. Students are invited to bring a mug, hang it on the rack and enjoy coffee or tea together in the morning, after chapel, or just about anytime you have a break. Vending machines and coffee are located in the kitchen. Hot drinks are available to seminary and counseling students only, since the cost is covered by their activity fees. Microwave ovens are available in the kitchen.