Administrator Emeritus Policy

1. All administrators who retire from Eastern Mennonite University and who have ten consecutive years of full-time service immediately prior to their retirement, shall be designated Administrator Emeritus with a listing of dates and positions served.

For the positions of president and dean, the designation shall be “President Emeritus,” and “Dean Emeritus.”

2. The Faculty Status Committee and Administration shall make recommendations for emeritus status to the Board of Trustees for official action.

3. The presentation of a plaque with an appropriate inscription shall be made to the administrator in a ceremony recognizing the service of the individual to the University.

4. Emeriti administrators shall be listed in the University catalog.  The Administrator Emeritus shall be provided office space as needed and as space is available; mail and other regular services will be at their disposal.  Attendance at faculty and staff meetings, service on committees, and involvement in campus activities shall be encouraged.

Adopted by the Executive Committee Board of Trustees, April 10, 1981

Updated for name change, February 1995