Audiovisual Confidentiality

With regard to the use of recordings, please consider the following as our program policy on confidentiality:

1. Remember that the release form signed by your client is a legal document so the assurance of all layers of confidentiality is extremely important!

2. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure confidentiality of all recordings.

3. Do not place names or other identifying client information on recordings.

4. Never leave a recording in a machine or lying around in a room.

5. Erase all media after use.

6. When you view recordings in a classroom in the department, make sure you have the machine facing away from the door so no one walking by can see the screen.

7. Be careful when carrying recordings back and forth from your site to school so as not to leave one somewhere.

8. The only people able to see your recordings are your individual site supervisor, student supervisors, our program faculty, and your practicum/internship group.