Counseling Suite and Equipment

The counseling suite includes a waiting room and four counseling rooms equipped with permanently mounted video cameras and microphones. Each room is equipped with video recorders and monitors. Three of the rooms have observation capacity through two-way mirror windows. There is a telephone in the waiting room. The entire suite was constructed to provide reduction of sound transmission. Classrooms and faculty offices are also equipped with video playback equipment.

The counseling rooms are furnished with upholstered chairs and sofas, and lit with table and floor lamps, to provide a comfortable and conducive counseling environment. A sand tray and various tools to use with that form of therapy are available. One of the rooms is equipped for use with children.

The use of the counseling labs is regulated through a signup system managed by the administrative assistant. Use of the labs is restricted to counseling activities with clients and in class assignments. In addition to this permanent facility, portable video cameras, and audiocassette recorders are available to check out from the department, and additional equipment is available for checkout as needed from the university Learning Resources department. Also provided by the program for student use are cases of sand tray toys.

Within the department, one faculty member and the administrative assistant are available to provide technical assistance. In addition the support of staff from Learning Resources, the Information Systems Department, and Physical Plant is available as needed.