Transitioning to internship

To ensure a variety of training opportunities, the program encourages students to locate a new site for internship. However, some sites provide enough of a variety of a client pool in practicum that the student may continue on at the same site for internship. This requires the agreement with the Individual Site Supervisor and Clinical Training Coordinator. Students may choose to begin internship in the summer with the approval of the faculty. Students with pre-existing places of employment may utilize their site for internship if the student arranges with their supervisor new or creative opportunities to learn new skills for this site to qualify.

The program requires completion of a supervised internship in the students designated program area of 600 clock hours that is begun after successful completion of practicum and admission to internship. The internship is intended to reflect the comprehensive work experience of a professional counselor appropriate to the designated program area. The internship includes all of the following:

  1. 600 total hours, including 240 hours of direct service, including experience leading groups;
  2. Weekly interaction with an average of one (1) hour per week of individual and/or triadic supervision, throughout the internship, usually performed by the on-site supervisor;
  3. An average of two hours per week of group supervision provided on a regular schedule throughout the internship and performed by a program faculty member;
  4. The opportunity for the student to become familiar with a variety of professional activities and resources in addition to direct service (e.g., record keeping, assessment instruments, supervision, information and referral, in-service and staff meetings);
  5. The opportunity for the student to develop program-appropriate audio/video recording for use in supervision and/or to receive live supervision of the students interactions with clients;
  6. Evaluation of the students counseling performance throughout the internship including documentation of a formal evaluation after the student completes the internship by a program faculty member in consultation with the site supervisor.


Student Records Checklist
Internship Agency Placement Form
Sample Internship Contract Letter
Supervisor Internship Agreement Letter
Internship Weekly Log and Hours Tracking Form
Internship Weekly Log and Hours Tracking Form Electronic Version
Internship Session Background Form
Video Release
Professional Development Verification of Hours Form
Supervisor Tape Review – CLIP
Supervisor Tape Review – ENTIRE SESSION
Counselor Assessment Scale - Supervisor Form
Internship Counselor Assessment Scale - Self Evaluation Form
Student Evaluation of Site Supervisor
Faculty Group Supervisor Evaluation by Student
Internship Final Evaluation
Program Evaluation for Supervisors
Internship Hours Summary Form