Students must complete supervised practicum experiences that total a minimum of 100 clock hours over the minimum of one academic term. The student’s practicum includes all of the following:

  1. 100 total hours, including 40 clock hours of direct service that leads to the development of counseling skills;
  2. Weekly interaction with an average of one (1) hour per week of individual supervision throughout the practicum by a site supervisor working in consultation with a program faculty member;
  3. An average of one and one half (1 1/2) hours per week of group supervision that is provided on a regular schedule throughout the practicum by a program faculty member;
  4. The opportunity for the student to develop program-appropriate audio/video recordings for use in supervision, and/or to receive live supervision of the students interactions with clients; and
  5. Evaluation of the students counseling performance throughout the practicum including documentation of a formal evaluation after the student completes the practicum.

Pre-Requisites for Practicum

  1. Liability Insurance. Each student conducting counseling in Professional Practice must have professional liability insurance. Students joining ACA automatically receive liability insurance. Students must provide a copy of this form from their insurance policy to their Professional Practice Folder (PPF) prior to beginning their Professional Practice. The policy should be renewed as long as the student is in Professional Practice and a copy of each renewal will need to be submitted to the Clinical Training Coordinator.
  2. Student Records Checklist – shows signed verification of pre-requisites
  3. Agency Placement Form – to be completed by site supervisor
  4. Contract Letter – Contract Letters are required for all placements and are written by all students prior to the beginning date of their placement. The letters are professionally written to the supervisor stating the agreement they have for the student’s experience at the site. Thus, the letter is written following the interview with the site supervisor when they establish the plans for the semester (or two). See samples. The letter shall be written by the student and signed by the on-site supervisor before the beginning of the experience.

Establishing a Placement – PRACTICUM:

  • Plan ahead – review the possible sites provided by the Clinical Training Coordinator; find others in your local area.
  • Call and speak with a contact person to introduce yourself and schedule an interview.
  • At the interview, inform them of your interest, practicum requirements, ask questions!
    • You need 100 hours total,
    • 40 of those hours need to be directly with clients, and
    • Group work counts towards direct hours. Details such as what kind of group and your role with the group may be determined by your supervisors.
    • You will also need one hour per week of on-site supervision with a masters level or licensed person who has supervision experience (preferable).
    • Review the recording requirement.
  • Once you have a verbal commitment, have site supervisor fill out agency placement form and you prepare the contract letter for them to sign.

Please note: The program will provide you with information on local sites which they have established collaborative relationships with; however; it is ultimately your responsibility to secure a placement. Therefore, plan ahead and begin this process early! If you are a commuter student, you may want to explore placement in your geographic area. All placements must be approved by the program.


Student Records Checklist
Sample Practicum Contract Letter
Practicum Agency Placement Form
Supervisor Practicum Agreement Letter
Session background form Practicum
Admission to Internship Self-evaluation statement
Video Release
Weekly Log and Hours Tracking Form
Electronic Weekly Log and Hours Tracking Form
Site Supervisor Tape Review - Clip
Site Supervisor Tape Review - Entire Session
Counselor Assessment Scale - Supervisor Form
Counselor Assessment Scale - Self Evaluation Form
Student Evaluation of Site Supervisor
Faculty Group Supervisor Evaluation by Student
Practicum Final Evaluation
Practicum Hours Summary Form