Vehicle Registration & Parking Permits

Vehicle Registration and Parking Permits

Parking permits are required for all vehicles and may be obtained online through myemu/accounts for students and through myemu/employee info for faculty and staff.  There is a fee of $60 per year to all faculty, staff and students who park a vehicle on the EMU campus. All vehicles must be registered within one week after academic registration.  Residents of the Mt. Clinton Apartments, Village Apartments, Bomberger House, Redmond House and Suter II House must acquire “Resident” parking permits.

The parking lot designations are available for review at Each driver is responsible to review the parking regulations at

Car owners assume personal liability for the use of their cars and any legal involvement of their vehicles.  Drivers carry the responsibility for any incidents involving the vehicle and occupants except where there is negotiation with the university.  Additional information about parking and permits can be found at