Student Activities

Activities Fee

Full-time undergraduates pay an activities fee of $75 per semester, while part-time students pay $6 per credit hour. These fees fund a wide variety of recreational and co–curricular activities, listed under “Students Services-Recreational”.

Allocation of Student Fees

Recognized student clubs and organizations that are open to all interested full-time undergraduate students and that are beneficial to the educational mission of Eastern Mennonite University may apply to receive funds from the comprehensive student fee. Requests for allocations are considered by the SGA, which is advised by the associate dean of students: student engagement, student programs, and orientation.

The SGA Finance Committee conducts annual budget meetings in the spring of each year for the purpose of allocating funds for the following year. The recommendation of the committee is taken to the SGA Senate for preliminary approval and to the President’s Cabinet for final approval. The Finance Committee has the responsibility of reviewing the financial status of the bodies to which it has given funding.

The following guidelines are used by the Finance Committee in evaluating requests:

  1. Only organizations or committees with full recognition status will be considered for allocations.
  2. Requests for funding must be submitted in writing to the SGA Finance Committee at least 24 hours before the date of the review. A representative of the organization must be available to meet with the Finance Committee to clarify any items in the request.
  3. An organization may request funds for operating expenses by presenting an itemized budget proposal.
  4. Requests for funds involving programming must be specific (for example, the name of the film and the current catalog cost). Only program activities providing benefits both to members and to persons outside the sponsoring group itself are eligible for funding.
  5. Equipment needs must be submitted as separate one-time requests and must not be included in the annual operating budget request.
  6. An organization that has overspent the budget in the previous year may be denied that amount in the following year’s allocation.
  7. The following are not normally funded from the comprehensive student fee:
  8. Organizations that are politically or denominationally affiliated or represent partisan interests.
  9. Clubs directly related to academic majors, which tend to be exclusive in membership.
  10. Gifts or contributions to third party charities or causes. (Student fees are for use by students in the on-campus co-curricular program only.)

Funds allocated to student organizations from the comprehensive fee must be retained in a Business Office account. Regular procedures for requesting the expenditure of institutional funds must be followed.

In order to keep the comprehensive student fee as reasonable as possible for all students, organizations are encouraged to consider various methods of funding: membership dues, user fees, gifts and contributions, and fundraising projects.

Co-curricular Organizations and Activities

Co-curricular programs are planned for the purpose of reinforcement of classroom instruction and academic learning, social interaction, group cooperation, development of leadership skills, service to the community and profitable use of leisure time.

Please contact the associate dean of students: student engagement, student programs, and orientation, (540) 432-4133, for information on how to develop a new student organization or become involved with existing ones. 

All organizations are expected to honor university policies for student life in the same spirit of shared responsibility as are individual students. Misconduct by organization members may result in a sanction against the organization if the organization fails to fulfill its responsibilities or if the misconduct occurs in conjunction with activities planned by the organization.

Athletics (Intercollegiate)

EMU fields varsity teams for men in soccer, cross-country, basketball, baseball, golf, track and field, and volleyball. Women’s sports include field hockey, golf, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, softball, soccer, and track and field with lacrosse and triathlon. There are developmental teams in some sports.

Both men and women compete as members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III and the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC). Men’s volleyball, competes in the Continental Volleyball Conference (CVC).

The EMU Royals have been competitive in the conferences and have participated in national post-season tournaments in both team and individual sports. Individuals and teams have won numerous athletic and academic honors at conference, regional and national levels. For more information on any phase of the athletic program, contact the Director of Athletics (ext. 4646) or check our website at

Athletic Admission Fees

  • EMU Game Admission: Students, Faculty, and Staff with ID are FREE
  • Admission fees are charged for ODAC, CVC, and NCAA tournament events.

Intercollegiate athletics are an integral part of life at Eastern Mennonite University. At EMU, Christian values, goals and standards are the foundation for all athletic activities.  The athletic program provides men and women with opportunities to experience personal growth in leadership, athletic skills, wholesome attitudes and spiritual understanding. An emphasis is placed on a balance between academic achievement and athletic excellence.

The dynamics of interpersonal relationships are an important consideration of the athletic program.  Coaches stress teamwork, interpersonal communication and self-sacrifice. As athletes interact with others and are challenged to develop their talents, they learn about themselves in ways not possible in the classroom. EMU athletics provides everyone the opportunity to learn about self, others, and God and how those three intersect and interact. 

Athletics also builds campus identity. Athletic events provide entertainment and opportunity for socialization and growth experiences for the entire community.

Music Ensembles

For current, up-to-date information on music department ensembles, involvement and events, please visit:

Recreational Sports

Students, faculty and staff, and their spouses are provided an opportunity to participate in positive recreational activities that appeal to a wide variety of people. Events are conducted tournament style or operated on a league basis. The leagues that are currently offered include volleyball, floor hockey, basketball, kickball, tennis, football, dodgeball and outdoor and indoor soccer. Tournaments are offered on the weekends and include billiards, volleyball, table tennis, sand volleyball, disc golf, and 3-on-3 basketball.

Interested persons should form teams and register at or contact the coordinator of recreational sports, (540) 432-4655. Financial responsibility for the treatment of any injury incurred while participating in a recreational activity belongs to the participant.

Student Clubs and Organizations

For current, up-to-date information on student clubs and organizations, please visit:

Student Publications

The Weather Vane (student run newspaper)

The Phoenix (student literary and visual art journal)

Theater of EMU

For current, up-to-date information on theater activities, involvement and events, please visit: