Teacher Education Handbook

Teacher Education Program Handbook

Introduction to Teacher Education Program

Programs Offered

Context for Teacher Education at EMU

Conceptual Framework

InTASC Teaching Standards

Teacher Education Faculty

Teacher Education Governance and Administrative Chart

Resources and University Policies

Courses Substituted by CLEP/DSST Examinations

Academic Advising

Teacher Education Grading Scale

Student Education Association (SEA)

Tips for Transfer Students

Entrance and Exit Requirements

Problem Solving Process for Concerns Related to the Performance of the Practicum Student

Collaboration with University, Schools, & Community Agencies

Teacher Education Program Evaluation

Student Teaching

Student Teaching and the Professional Semester

Program Policies for Student Teaching

MidValley Consortium for Teacher Education

Profile of Student Teaching Performance

Reflective Teaching Model

Record Keeping and Procedures

Assessment of the Student Teacher

Evaluation Forms and Surveys

Expectations for the University Consultant

Expectations for the Cooperating Teacher

Expectations for the Student Teacher

Licensure Procedure

Support for First Year Teachers

Appendix A: Virginia Licensure and EMU Program Exam Scores

Appendix B: Student's Checklist to Complete Teacher Education Program

Appendix C: Transfer Student's Checklist to Complete Teacher Ed. Program

Appendix D: Recommendations for Student Professional Development

Appendix E: State Departments of Education

Appendix F: Course Fees 

Appendix G: Anticipated Program Fees

Appendix H: Selected References for Student Teaching