Adjunct and Short-term Performance Review Policy and Procedures

Policy Statement

Adjunct and Short-term faculty will be evaluated during their first term of teaching at EMU and annually thereafter. For faculty who have demonstrated competency, the Program Director may choose to meet only annually. Faculty who are not performing satisfactorily and who do not show improvement will not be contracted for additional courses. This meeting provides an opportunity to encourage teaching excellence.

Adjunct and Short-term Faculty Evaluation Forms are submitted to the appropriate School Dean/Associate Provost by February 15 for fall semester evaluations, June 30 for spring or annual evaluations and September 30 for summer session.


  1. The program director or their designee will observe face-to-face teaching sessions and/or evaluate Moodle content of online courses and complete the Adjunct and Short-term Faculty Evaluation Form
  2. Observer of face-to-face, hybrid, or online class session schedules observation visit and provides instructor with observation criteria in advance.
  3. The program director or their designee will review data collected from the course feedback form and student course evaluations. Facilitate a feedback and listening session with the faculty member.
  4. A signed copy of the Adjunct and Short-term Faculty Evaluation form is provided to the instructor.
  5. The completed Adjunct and Short-term Faculty Evaluation form is submitted to and reviewed by the appropriate School Dean/Associate Dean.
  6. Notification of eligibility of specific instructors for Continuing Adjunct status in the next academic year is due to School Deans/Associate Provost by December 1.
  7. Fillable forms are available from each School Dean’s Administrative Assistant or the Associate Provost in Lancaster.

Responsible Party

The Provost is responsible for this policy.

Approved by Provost’s Council, September 19, 2019