25Live - Adding Zoom Links

Since more events will be online with Zoom links to communicate, we have developed a calendar that can be used to promote Zoom links. You can access it by going to myEMU and clicking on the calendar tab. The Zoom Links calendar should only be used for EMU events that are open to the EMU community. Zoom meetings that are for a specific group of people should be distributed via email or calendar event.

  • The zoom session is NOT a webinar

  • The zoom session is open ONLY to EMU employees and students (and ALL EMU employees and students- so no class sessions, private meetings etc.) 

  • Separate entries from reservations or calendar events

  • Do not include categories on the zoom links entry


25Live - Adding Zoom Links (Video)

  • Use the Event Form in 25Live like you would for a room reservation.

  • Use Event Type "Zoom Link"

  • Enter the date and time for the Zoom meeting

  • Click on the Custom Attributes button, select Web Link

  • Enter the Zoom meeting link in the field

  • Save the event. The Event State can be Tentative or Confirmed.

  • Your event will be on the Zoom Links calendar (it may take 15 before it appears).