AA in Interdisciplinary Studies to Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

Semester Hours: AAIS (60 sh) plus MACL (48 sh includes 9 sh dual credit) = 99 sh

This specialized academic pathway recognizes that students without undergraduate education, yet with maturity, ministry experience and calling, can also achieve graduate-level success with appropriate preparation.  

The AAIS-to-MACL program provides the General Theological Certificate (GTC) to mature students with a high school diploma who desire a graduate theological education.  As with the traditional GTC, significant ministry experience means 5 years (or its equivalent) of church-related ministry.  Upon successful completion of the AAIS, these students may be considered as GTC students, without further undergraduate education, and pursue degree candidacy as outlined under Academic Policies. 

The AAIS-MACL program embeds three seminary courses (FS 501, FS 502 and CM 613 - 9 sh) into the online AAIS curriculum.  These three courses are credited toward the completion of the General Theological Certificate (GTC).

For complete course outline, see the Undergraduate Catalog AA in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Mature Theological students may also consider these alternative pathways:

  • AAIS to BS: Upon completion of the AAIS, a student may choose to complete a BS in Leadership & Organizational Management degree.  After completing the LOM degree, a student would be eligible to apply for candidacy in the MACL or MDiv degree.
  • AAIS to GTC: Upon completion of the AAIS, a student may complete the General Theological Certificate (GTC) by successfully completing 15 sh of additional seminary course work.