Certificate Requirements - Health Care Management Graduate Program

Semester Hours: 15

The certificate in Healthcare Management is a one-year, 15-hour certificate that includes the following courses from the Healthcare Management curriculum. The certificate includes more choice and flexibility than the degree program.

Required Courses (15 SH)

  • NURS 503 (PAX 503) Practice Skills for Conflict Transformation OR NURS 516 Application of Legal and Ethical Principles to Healthcare (3 SH)

  • NURS 515 The Healthcare Delivery System (3 SH)

  • NURS 626 Managing in a Complex Health Care Environment OR MBA 555 Human Resource Management OR NURS 512 Knowledge Development: Epidemiology and Informatics (3 SH)

  • NURS 628 Systems Approach to Organizational Behavior OR OLS 530 Organizational Behavior (3 SH)

  • OLS 515 Introduction to Leadership Studies (3 SH)