Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Conflict Transformation Dual Degree

Academic Requirements

  • Seminary MDiv degree requires 81 SH, 50 SH core requirements and 31 SH of Ministry Track electives.
  • MACT has 33 SH, 15 SH are core requirements (based on a 6 SH practicum) and 18 SH for electives, a high level Conflict Transformation course and a skills assessment course, and the practicum (chosen in consultation with an academic advisor) 

For a Dual Degree MDiv/MACT (total of 114 SH): In light of the Association of Theological Studies policy on “shared credit in degree programs,” we are allowing up to 11 SH to be reduced from the current MDiv requirements and the MA in Conflict Transformation is allowing up to 12 SH to be reduced from the MACT for a dual degree. This is a reduction of 23 SH from the current combined degrees. A student would be free to take additional electives in either program. Each program currently specifies the core required courses for their respective degree programs (noted in the current catalogs).

Seminary Core Curriculum (43 credits)

  • FS 501/502 Formation in God’s Story I and II (6 SH)
  • BVOT 511 Old Testament: Text in Context (3 SH)
  • BVNT 512 New Testament: Text in Context (3 SH)
  • CTH 501/512 Christian Tradition I and II (6 SH)
  • FS 701/702 Formation in Missional Leadership I & 11 (4 SH)
  • CTT 634 Living Theology (3 SH)
  • CM 643 Missio Dei in Cultural Context (3 SH)
  • CTE 702 Christian Ethics (3 SH)
  • 12 hours of Biblical studies (12 SH)

For the MDiv, several integrative courses as designated electives (8-9 SH).

  • CM 635 Faith-Based Social Transformation (3 SH)
  • CTE 640 Topics in Ethics (3 SH)
  • Anabaptist Studies course or CM 670 United Methodist Studies I (3 SH)

Additional MDIV electives (18 SH), including

  • at least one SMCL course and one CM course.
  • Foundations 1 sequence (6 SH)
    • PAX 533 Analysis: Understanding Conflict (3 SH)
    • PAX 532 Formation for Peacebuilding Practice (3 SH)
  • Foundations 2 sequence (6 SH)
    • PAX 635 Global Challenges, Local Struggles and Transnational Solidarities (3 SH)
    • One elective course from and approved list of courses (3 SH)
  • PAX 535 Research Methods for Social Change (3 SH)
  • PAX 682 Practicum (6-9 SH)
  • Skills assessment courses - choose at least one:
    • PAX 601 Mediation & Negotiation (3 SH)
    • PAX 676 Restorative Justice Practices (3 SH)
    • PAX 610 Facilitation: Process Design & Skills for Dialogue, Deliberation & Decision-making (3 SH)

A unique strength of Eastern Mennonite Seminary is our formation program. We believe that focusing on one’s own formation during the seminary journey is the way for ministering persons to be healthy and whole in their vocations. FS 501/502 Formation in God’s Story I & II (2 credits each) helps students understand their own lives in conversation with and connection to God’s story as found in Scripture and being written in the present in their own lives through spiritual practices. FS 601/602 Formation in Ministry I & II (3 credits each) offers students the opportunity to put their learning into practice in internship sites related to their vocational leanings with a mentor to help with on-site theological reflection. FS 701/702 Formation in Missional Leadership I & II (2 credits each) provides space for students to integrate what they have learned about themselves, God, the world, and the church as they look forward to their future in ministry. For more information please visit the formation page.