Dual Degrees

Eastern Mennonite Seminary offers three Dual Degrees with other graduate degree programs at Eastern Mennonite University:

Seminary students who elect to pursue a Dual Degree would potentially benefit in multiple ways. The combined degrees could enhance the following opportunities:

  • Graduates would be enriched by the interdisciplinary character of theological/pastoral preparation in conversation with another professional discipline;
  • Graduates would be equipped with multiple professional skills to better minister within the marketplace of ideas and work;
  • Graduates would be prepared to work part-time as pastor and within another professional field in ways that enhance their economic stability and potential service to the church;
  • Graduates would be more thoroughly prepared for leadership in Christian institutions and organizations, with expanded management skills and professional breadth.

Academic and Administrative Matters

  1. To participate in the Dual Degree Program, a student would be admitted to both the Seminary’s MDiv program and to another graduate program. Admission to one program would not in any way assure admission to the other program.
  2. Students would deal with the two programs separately for purposes of admission, tuition payment, financial aid and the like.
  3. Academic standing in the respective programs would be determined solely on the basis of work done in each program.
  4. Each program would be responsible for the integrity of its degree in terms of course requirements.

The Seminary Associate Dean and the program director of the other respective degree program would serve as contact persons and as advisors for students pursuing a dual degree.