Administrative Contacts

President- Susan Schultz Huxman
Provost- Fred Kniss 
Dean, school of sciences, engineering, art, and nursing- Dr. Tara Kishbaugh
Dean, school of social sciences and professions- Dr. David Brubaker
Dean, school of theology, humanities and performing arts- Dr. Sue Cockley
Director of libraries- Marci Frederick
University registrar- David A. Detrow 
Director of the academic support center- Vi Dutcher
Vice president for advancement- Kirk L. Shisler 
Director of alumni/parent relations- Jeff Shank
Director of financial assistance- Michele Hensley 
Director of information systems- Jason Aldefer and Jenni Piper
Vice president for finance- Tim Stutzman
Director of facilities management- Ed Lehman 
Director of international students - Micah Shristi