Accelerated Degree Completion Program: Assessment and Admissions


The ADP Admissions Committee suggests policy and admissions guidelines for adult degree programs, and reviews and acts upon applications for admission or readmission to the ADP. The committee is also responsible for regular review and evaluation of the ADP admissions policy.


Applications for admission or readmission are brought to the committee by the program representative(s) or those designated to serve in that function. The committee accepts or rejects applications based on established policy. The committee may also suggest changes to the admission policy and submit these changes to Undergraduate Council for approval.


Director of the Adult Degree Program, two undergraduate appointed faculty members (preferably representing the business and nursing programs), an instructor in the LOM program, and ADP program representatives. The program representative is non-voting. Appointed faculty serve three-year terms. 


Committee appoints chair


Minutes of the ADP Admission Committee are maintained in the Adult Degree Program offices


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