Print on Campus

Students have two methods available for printing on campus. If you are a faculty or staff member and would like to print from your personal computer please see note at bottom of the page.

New in Common Grounds Coffeehouse!

Print from any device directly to select printers on campus, including the Royal Printer, Common Grounds CG-01, and Parkwoods PW-01. Click on the 'Get Started' link below to see a list of available printers supporting Mobility Print

E-mail to print allows you to print to any Ricoh printer on campus by attaching your document to an e-mail. It is compatible with any device you can send email from, but only compatible with Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, and picture file formats.


-Easy to print without any configuration or printer installation

-Can send jobs from off campus

Personal Printing Balance

Use this link to check the amount of money you have left on your printing balance.

You can also use this link to add more if you run out.

Print from any device, retrieve your jobs from any Ricoh copier on campus by swiping your ID.


-Options such as B&W, duplex, etc available when printing

-Compatible with any file format

Printing Video Tutorials

Printing from a campus printer

Scanning to your email

Printing Rates

 Cost per side

 Single sided  


 Black & white









Other Links:

Faculty and Staff printing from a personal device should install the Royal-printer. After sending the job, you will need to login to and assign the billing code.