MSN and MBA Dual Degree

The Master of Science in Nursing courses are delivered online with the exception of two residency requirements for orientation to the program (1.5 days), as well as during NURS 503 Conflict course (3 days). 
The Master of Business Administration courses are delivered online.

Admission Requirements

  • Students must be accepted to both the MSN and MBA programs.

  • MSN requirement: a 3.0 GPA in undergraduate nursing courses plus 2 acceptable references

Course Requirements

Semester Hours: Total of 56 SH (reduction of 17 SH in the dual degree)

Shared Courses Between the MBA Health Care Track and the MSN (9 SH)

MSN RequirementsCourse Descriptions - MSN(23 SH)

MBA Requirements (24 SH)

  • MBA 522 Leadership and Management for the Common Good (3 SH)

  • MBA 564 Organizational Behavior (3 SH) (NOTE – NURS 628 Org Behavior may be substituted if schedule requires)

  • MBA 585 Financial and Managerial Accounting (3 SH)

  • MBA 623 Financial Management (3 SH)

  • MBA 647 Strategic Marketing Management (3 SH)

  • Choose one: MBA 541 Global Sustainability OR MBA 680 Sustainable Organizations and Global Citizenship (3 SH)

  • Choose one: MBA 615 Narrative Leadership OR MBA 670 Strategic Leadership in a Multicultural World (3 SH)

  • Choose one: MBA 671 Data Analytics OR MBA 663 Managerial Economics (3 SH)