Copyright Infringement

  1. Information Systems will research the alleged violation; and will identify and document the user associated with it.

  2. Information Systems will notify Student Life and the student about the violation. The notice to the student will be sent to the student’s EMU-provided email address. 

  3. Student Life will meet with the student to explain the situation and require that the student remove the software and/or intellectual property that violates copyright law. The student will sign the statement below.

  4. The student will bring their device(s) to the Information Systems Helpdesk for verification that the software and content has been removed.

  5. After verifying that the student has met with Student Life and removed any software and content that violate U.S. copyright law, Information Systems will remove the restriction on the student’s internet access.

  6. Information Systems and Student Life will keep documentation on the actions that were taken. The first incident will not be recorded in the student’s discipline file. Subsequent incidents will be recorded in the student’s discipline file and the student will need to pay $25 to have the internet access restriction removed.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act Designated Agent