Remote Access

Most applications including J1 and network drives (select the File Explorer app) are available in EMU Appstream.  We encourage all users to use this service first. Most users will be able to work remotely using only AppStream. 

You must be off-campus to use VPN.

If you need EMU network access from off-campus this can be accomplished via Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Below you can find detailed setup instructions for VPN access which include steps to connect to network drives on Windows and Mac.

Fortinet VPN Instructions for Mac

Fortinet VPN Instructions for Windows

Fortinet VPN Instructions for ChromeOS

Fortinet VPN Instructions for iOS

Fortinet VPN Instructions for Android

Service Attributes

Service Category

Data & Servers

Network & Telecommunications

Service Name

Remote Access


Faculty, Staff, Students, Affiliates, Retirees by request

Service Cost

There is no charge for this service

Managing Team

Network Systems



You can access your EMU Network file storage using EMU Fortinet Client VPN and the Royals mapping script