After Changing Your Royal Password

After Changing Your Royal Password

  • It may take a few minutes for the password change to take effect.

  • You will need to update your changed password in several places

    • Wifi

    • Smartphone

    • Mail Client

    • Anywhere you have your password saved

  • Outlook: If you change your Royal password while you have Outlook open you will need to close it before sending new mail. Upon opening Outlook you will be notified that the password is incorrect. Select the "Retry" button and enter your new password in the field provided.

  • Windows 8/10 WiFi: Right click on the network status icon in the lower right corner of your screen and select open network and sharing center. Click Manage Wireless Networks from the list on the left hand side of the window. Right click on the EMU wireless network and select properties. Next, select the security tab on the window that opens up and click the Advanced Settings button. If the checkbox next to Specify Authentication mode is not selected check the box and make sure User authentication is selected in the drop down box. To change or set the username and password that is used to connect to the EMU wireless select the replace/save credentials button. Then enter your Royal username and password. Click OK to close all the windows.

  • Mac WiFi: Your Mac will automatically prompt you to enter your username and password for the wireless network "EMU". Enter your Royals username and new password in this prompt to update your saved credentials. If you you do not get prompted for your username and password and are unable to get connected to wireless, you will need to delete your old saved credentials from your keychain. You can delete your saved EMU wireless credentials by following these steps:


    1. Open your keychain utility by going to Applications>Utilities>Keychain Access

    2. On the left pane, make sure the "login" keychain is selected and unlocked

    3. Search for "EMU" in the keychain spotlight

    4. Find the entry names "EMU or "EMU WPA", Kind: 802.1x password, and delete this entry.

    5. Quit Keychain Access

  • Browser Saved Passwords:

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