MFA: Steps for switching phones or reinstalling Authenticator on your current phone

If you have a new phone or need to reinstall the authenticator app on your existing phone, follow the instructions below so you can continue to use MFA.

On a computer:

  1. Navigate to and click on "Set up the Authenticator App".

  2. Sign in with your EMU email address and password.

  3. Do you still have access to the Authenticator app on your old phone?

    1. Yes, I still have access to the authenticator app on my old phone:

      1. Approve the notification on your old phone, or enter an OTP code from the authenticator app on your old phone.

    2. No, I no longer have access to my old phone or have already reset it:

      1. Choose the option "I can't use my Microsoft Authenticator app right now" and then select the option to receive a phone call at the mobile or office number that is preconfigured in your account.

      2. Answer the phone call and press the "#" key when prompted to verify your sign in.

  4. Find the "Microsoft Authenticator" app entry that corresponds to your old phone and delete it as shown in red in the picture below.

  5. Click on "Add method" as shown in blue in the picture below.

  6. Set up the authenticator app on your NEW phone with these instructions.