Undergraduate Convocation Requirement

Faculty, staff, and students gather every other week for Convocation, a time for developing a shared response to EMU core values and commitments. Alternate weeks feature a time for campus worship or engagement with a menu of break-out sessions for different interest groups.

Traditional undergraduate students are required to fulfill a Convocation Graduation Requirement by attending Convocations, break-out sessions, or alternative events identified in the Convocation schedule. Attendance at campus worship events is optional, but also provide a way to earn Convocation points. 

To meet the Convocation Graduation Requirement, 4-year EMU traditional undergraduate students will log 80 points by the time they graduate. Transfer students will be credited convocation points based on the number of academic credits they transfer in, including those students who transfer credit from their high school experience. 

Students will scan in and out of Convocation credit approved events to log attendance at these gatherings:

  1. Bi-weekly Wednesday Convocation (2 points)
  2. Bi-weekly Campus Worship or convo break-out gathering (1 point)
  3. Other approved Convocation related campus lecture or event* (1 point)
  4. Attend special Convocations (such as MLK Day of Service and Learning and the Academic and Creative Excellence Festival keynotes, 2 points)

NOTE: Most students are on campus 6-7 semesters for a four year degree. Students could log 80 points within 4 semesters if they attend only the Wednesday 10:10 a.m. events (up to 23 points each semester). If a student logs only 10 points per semester, the equivalent of 5 convocations, it will take 8 semesters to complete the requirement. Students are advised to log at least 15 points per semester in order to satisfy the requirement prior to cross-cultural experience and upper class requirements such as pratica, clinicals, and student teaching

Transfer students will be credited Convocation points based on the number of academic credits they transfer in.

NOTE: Transfer credits are confirmed throughout the first semester by the registrar's office. Total points credited will reflect the most current data from the registrar's office. No additional points will be credited for transfer credits accumulated after the first semester.

NOTE: This Undergraduate Convocation Requirement only pertains to the 2018-2019 first year class, and all new students, including transfers, starting the fall of 2019-2020.