Seminary Addendum to Life Together Commitment

The seminary seeks to provide an educational setting where faculty, administration, staff, and students work together in the common purpose of creating and maintaining the highest possible and also life-giving standards of academic and community life. This task occurs in the context of a community characterized by Christian discipleship, responsibility, and grace amid human failures.

We expect that persons who participate in the seminary will, by their life, attitudes, and relations with others, contribute to the creation of a community that reflects the transforming and saving grace of Christ in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. This includes evidence of a living relationship with Jesus as follower or seeker, serious attention to biblical and related studies, and readiness to share mutual counsel as responsible members of the community.

We believe that personal maturity and growth are fostered as all community participants share in responsibility for one another. Matthew 18:12-17 outlines principles of this approach to behavior and relationships. Thus growth is both an individual process and one that involves the entire Christian community as we share our own concerns and at the same time respect and are shaped by the convictions of other Christians. Our commitments include responsibility to love God and to seek after righteousness, to love others and practice justice, to exercise stewardship and freedom responsibility, and to engage differences in viewpoints in a peacemaking spirit rooted in the reconciling power of Christ.