Faculty-Staff Student Group Sponsorship

Faculty-Staff Advisors for Student Groups

The student is a total person who learns both in and out of the classroom and whose intellectual development is affected by his or her personal development. By linking student activities to the basic purposes of the university, the total development of the student can be accomplished.

Several basic functions of the student activities program (or co-curriculum) at EMU include:

A.  Reinforcement of classroom instruction and academic learning (e.g., Weather Vane or Shen, Student Education Association).

B.   Instruction in the skills of social interaction (e.g., social activities planned by Campus Activities Council).

C.   Opportunity for group interaction; instruction in how to organize groups and exercise cooperation.

D.  Development of leadership and followership skills (e.g., Student Government Association).

E.   Means of unifying campus and community (e.g., Young People’s Christian Association and Peace Fellowship).

F.   Profitable use of leisure time (e.g., recreational sports activities).

Faculty and staff should be familiar with the program of student activities on the EMU campus. Many of these activities are administered through the office of the director of student programs and are summarized annually in the student handbook. Every recognized student organization must have at least one faculty or staff advisor who is interested in the organization to the extent of being willing to meet with and advise the group. The duties of the faculty or staff advisor are:

  1. To assist the group in carrying out its stated purposes.
  2. To consult with students in selecting guest speakers and in negotiation of contract with outside agencies and organizations and to reference decisions with the academic dean or other appropriate supervisor.
  3. To represent the organization to the faculty and the administration.
  4. To help the student leadership relate program planning and social functions to the objectives and expectations of the university.
  5. To attend events sponsored by the organization.