Staff Leave of Absence

This leave is an absence without pay for a period of time (generally not more than one year) with a commitment to return to the position being held by EMU. An employee must put the request in writing to his/her department or division head outlining the reasons and the time needed. The division head grants approval in consultation with the president as appropriate. A request by a faculty member for a personal leave can be made to the department chair who recommends the leave to the respective Dean for approval in consultation with the provost. The director of human resources must be notified of the leave.

Health insurance can be continued during an approved leave and will following the rules with continuation and the affordable care act. The employee must pay the entire cost of the premium for dependent coverage. For employee health insurance coverage, EMU will follow the rules associated with the affordable care act. Initially the cost for employee only coverage will be that of a current EMU employee. Children or spouses will qualify for tuition discounts based on the employee's workload during the previous year's employment.

An employee does not accrue any paid leave during a leave of absence.