Commencement Committee


Oversee EMU's commencement exercise weekend events


Students are eligible to participate in commencement activities provided degree requirements will be completed by December following spring commencement. Students are not considered a graduate in terms of transcript or diploma until final coursework is complete.
Students expecting to graduate must file an application for degree provided by the University registrar's office. To be included in commencement planning, students must submit the application for degree by January prior to commencement.
Candidates for graduation are expected to be present for commencement. Degrees will be conferred in absentia upon written request to the provost's office.


provost, executive assistant to the president, executive assistant to the provost, registrar's office, auxiliary services director, information systems director, facilities management director, head usher, alumni office, marketing & communications office (news & photography), coordinator of campus safety & security, school dean admin assistants, student life operations coordinator, Lancaster representative


co-directors: executive advisor to the president and executive assistant to the provost


A committee folder is stored on the Google shared drive. Division of duties is assigned to each committee member.


Monthly meetings during spring semester; special meetings can be scheduled