Master of Divinity Courses in Vocational Areas

This list of suggested courses will help students and their advisors choose among the elective courses offered, in order to deepen their preparation in areas of vocational interest.

Pastoral Ministry

For students serving or called to traditional or emerging Christian communities.

  • SMCL 642 Christian Worship
  • SMCL 682 Foundations of Public Worship
  • SMCL 611 Pastoral Care
  • MOL 620 Transformative Leadership
  • SMCL 602 Foundations of Christian Preaching
  • SMCL 521 Teaching for Christian Community

A denominational polity course is required for United Methodist and Mennonite Church USA pastoral ministry students; Clinical Pastoral Education is required for United Methodist students and strongly recommended for anyone with this vocation interest

Academic Ministry

 For students who feel called to model for the church what it means to love God with the mind by artfully bringing academic learnings into the life of the church through teaching, writing and on-going scholarship.

  • CTT 523 Anabaptism Today: Topics
  • BVG 541 Biblical Foundations for Justice and Peacemaking
  • CTT 711 Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Life, Theology & Witness
  • CTE 730 Human Sexuality in Theological Perspective
  • SMCL 602 Foundations for Christian Preaching
  • CTH 641 Mennonite History & Thought

Inter-cultural & Community Mission

For students who feel called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in diverse contexts, providing leadership for new communities of faith and neighborhood ministries that embody evangelical spirit, social conscience and public witness, whether locally or internationally.

  • CM 538 Global Christianity
  • CM 631 Churches & Social Transformation
  • CTE 713 Sermon on the Mount: Peace, Justice and the Reign of God
  • SMCL 682 Foundations of Public Worship
  • CM 621 Evangelism: Living to Tell
  • CM 653 Spirit World and the Global Church
  • CM 724 Racial Healing and the Blue-Eyed Soul
  • CTT 645 Justice, Peace and the Biblical Narrative
  • Center for Interfaith Engagement courses (CIE)

Chaplaincy or Spiritual Direction

 For students who feel called to serve as Chaplains or Spiritual Directors  practicing the skills of presence, listening, discernment, and empathy while offering appropriate, caring responses.

In addition to the above MDiv core requirements, students are expected to choose many of their electives from these suggested courses:

  • SMCL 611 Pastoral Care
  • SMCL 581 Pastoral Counseling
  • CTE 730 Human Sexuality in Theological Perspective
  • SMFE 601 Clinical Pastoral Education—Basic Level
  • SMFE 701 Clinical Pastoral Education—Advanced Level
  • FS 521 Introduction to Spiritual Guidance
  • FS 622/624 Spiritual Direction Seminar & Practicum
  • CM 542 Psychology of Religious Experience
  • SMCL 561 Ministry in Times of Trauma
  • FS 722 Advanced Spiritual Direction
  • FS 532 Spiritual Formation for Congregational Discernment
  • CM 621 Evangelism: Living to Tell