Program Director Responsibilities

The academic deans, in consultation with the provost and program faculty, appoint program* directors. For the ongoing effectiveness of administration, directors generally serve a multi-year term subject to periodic review. Exceptions would be a one-year or temporary appointment to fill a vacancy or to meet some other special need.  Responsibilities include the following:

Program Management

Responsibilities shared between Dean & Director

  1. Keep school members informed of relevant decisions
  2. Organize teaching assignments in consultation with the dean
  3. Participate in developing the program budget
  4. Manage the program budget in collaboration with the dean
  5. Plan and carry out program review in collaboration with the dean
  6. Work together to promote a culture of equity, anti-racism, and inclusion among faculty, staff, and students in the program and within the program curriculum and activities.

Director Responsibilities

  1. Maintain a vital and appropriate curriculum within budget
  2. Be responsible for program quality, monitoring grading patterns and student outcomes
  3. Be aware of student retention issues
  4. Handle student grievances within the program
  5. Collaborate with Undergraduate and/or Graduate admissions on enrollment
  6. Collaborate with Marketing to develop marketing plans for the program
  7. Maintain responsive and adequate academic advising services to students
  8. Communicate program activities to students
  9. Oversee PACE with regard to program planning and assessment, outlined in the Institutional Effectiveness Policy and Procedures
  10. Facilitate CORE curriculum assessment
  11. Recruit, hire, and evaluate contingent faculty
  12. Provide program-specific orientation for new faculty
  13. Maintain equipment or other program properties
  14. Coordinate the requisitioning of supplies
  15. Keep program section of catalog up to date
  16. Work with Financial Aid to determine scholarship recipients, program awards, etc. 

Representation in Broader Institutional Contexts

  1. Manage relations with external partners for internships and student placements
  2. Convey program goals and objectives to the dean
  3. Represent program needs in long-range planning processes
  4. Communicate programs and activities to the marketing services and admissions offices
  5. Participate on search committees as requested
  6. Participate on or chair the Colleague Review Committee as requested
  7. Review course evaluations for program and consult with the dean if necessary

The director may delegate responsibilities as needed

* A “program” is defined as any degree or credential in a particular field.  Individuals may  direct multiple programs as decided by the school dean, in consultation with the  faculty.  Examples include the MDiv program, the Writing Studies major, Photography major, Peacebuilding major.

Review of Responsibilities

This document will be reviewed by the Provost Council and Faculty Senate at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year, and every 3 years thereafter.

Draft Submitted May 1, 2020
Reviewed by Provost's Council April 30, 2020

Approved by Provost's Council September 15, 2020