Work Requests Procedure- TMA iDesk

TMA is used for:

  1. Reporting maintenance issues
  2. Requesting assistance for maintenance needs (hanging art work, etc.)
  3. Reporting temperature control issues
  4. Scheduling moves or setups
  5. Securing assistance for remodeling projects

Do not submit computer issues through the iDesk; contact

Log in to TMA iDesk from on-campus only:

  1. or
  2. and click on Work Request on left menu
  3. Click on Submit a Request

Click on the yellow drop-down boxes with arrows at the right of the screen

  1. Facility: Choose Eastern Mennonite University
  2. Building: Choose the building work is to be done in
  3. Area: Choose the area for the work
  4. Name: Type the contact person’s name
  5. Phone #: Type the requestor’s phone number (whoever can answer questions we might have)
  6. E-Mail Address: Type the requestor’s email address in case we need information. When we close the work order, this email address will receive a notification that the work is completed or the work order is closed.
  7. Repair Center: Should always say FM-Facilities Management
  8. Account #: In case there is a charge, type the account number the charge should be billed to
  9. Department: Your department that the work is being done for
  10. Request: Beginning with entry into the workspace, give as detailed a set of information as you can regarding the location in the room and the work to be done
  11. Submit: when finished your description


  1. If possible, changes to work orders should come in another work order.
  2. If you call in a request, please follow it up with a work order so the tradesman have it for their records. Please indicate that it was already called in.
  3. Requests that need account numbers for billing purposes:
    1. Hanging pictures, bulletin boards, art work
    2. Repainting because someone wants a different color; not if there is a staff turnover
    3. Fixing furniture that was purchased by the department (i.e. desk chairs)
    4. Moving items out of or into your department or rearranging furniture
    5. Setups (Please check 25Live to make sure there is no event in the space during the setup and teardown time before submitting your request)
    6. Re-keying a lock for any reason other than a worn lock

  1. Marking Items as a higher priority: The idesk (TMA) does not have a way to mark things as a higher priority. The technicians look at requests as they come and prioritize them based on the nature of the requests. The requests that affect someone's health have top priority. 
  2. You can mention the date that you would like the request to be completed or explain why you would like it to have a higher priority. However, it is important to give enough lead-time for the technicians to work on your request realizing that other people also see their work requests as a high priority.