Phone: (540) 432-4253

The EMU Mail Room is located in the Campus Center and provides a wide range of postal services to students, faculty, and staff. Postage stamps and USPS mail - as well as shipping via UPS, FedEx, and DHL - are available.

Each undergraduate student is provided with a mailbox which is used for on-campus as well as USPS mail. Campus mail is delivered free of charge, and mailings to students should be alphabetized by last name. Please restrict items to 3” x 5” and smaller.

Mail Room hours are posted at the window. See all Mail Room Policies and Procedures.

Use of Mail Room for Mailing Chain Letters or Inappropriate Surveys

The Campus Mail Room will not deliver chain letters, unauthorized surveys (not for coursework), or any other mailings that are considered wasteful of time and materials. Permission for questionable mailings must be obtained from the Mail Services supervisor and from the vice president for student life. Mailings with no sender’s name on them will be discarded.