Request for Payment Form

Expenditures by EMU check, which are not supported by a vendor’s invoice or EMU purchase order, are requested by completing a request for payment form (see below).

Payments to individuals for services performed or honorariums must be accompanied by a W-9 Form unless there is already one on file in the Business Office. Federal regulations stipulate that a W-9 be on file before payment can be made.

*NOTE: Payments to Internationals must be accompanied by a W-8 BEN unless that person is claiming a tax treaty exemption. If they are claiming a tax treaty exemption, the request for payment must be accompanied by Form 8233. Do NOT have Internationals complete a W-9.

Checks are issued on Friday only, so forms are due in the Business Office by noon on Tuesday for payment on Friday.

Completing the form:

  1. The “Check Payable to” name and address must be indicated in its entirety. NOTE: Visa status must be indicated when paying an individual.
  2. Indicate the account number and the amount to be charged.
  3. Descriptions should be thorough and due dates should be indicated.
  4. Required approvals are determined by the appropriate division and/or department head.
  5. Routing instructions are very important so that the office knows what to do with the check.

Request for Payment form