Guidelines for Veterans Required to Withdraw

Guidelines for Refunds, Grades and Reinstatement for Students Required to Withdraw Mid-semester For Military Service

These guidelines apply to students who are called to military service during a term of enrollment at Eastern Mennonite University. EMU intends to support such students in the best ways possible throughout the withdrawal and reinstatement processes.
To qualify for the considerations below, the student must follow procedures to formally withdraw from the university. The Assistant Provost for Student Success is the resource person to guide the student through the withdrawal process.


  • As part of the withdrawal process, the student will be responsible to provide for the Assistant Provost for Student Success the active duty orders that necessitate the withdrawal.
  • At least 30 days prior to re-enrollment, the student is responsible to provide for the University Registrar's Office copies of documents showing release from active duty.


  • Tuition and fees: students will be refunded charges for tuition and fees based on the Refund Policy published each year by the university. Details of tuition refunds will be determined in conjunction with adjustments to any financial assistance the student receives.
  • Room and Board: students will receive a pro-rated refund of any room and board charges based on the official date of withdrawal and relevant factors.
  • If a student has paid a deposit for an upcoming semester and is called to active duty before the semester begins, the deposit will be refunded or credited to a future semester, at the discretion of the student.


  • A student whose withdrawal date falls within the first four weeks of a semester (or the equivalent portion of a shorter term) will receive no grades.
  • A student whose withdrawal date falls within the fifth through ninth week of the semester will receive "Withdrawal" grades for all courses not completed. (Certain courses are completed within the first half of a semester. Final grades will stand for any such courses completed before the date of withdrawal.)
  • If a student's withdrawal date falls after the ninth week of the semester, the student will normally be assigned "Withdrawal" grades for courses not already completed. If an instructor determines that the content of a course and the academic performance of the student to date indicate potential for successful completion, the student may be offered the opportunity to receive an "Incomplete" grade. Within 12 months from the date of withdrawal, the student may notify the University Registrar's Office that they wish to resume the course. If the student does not choose to resume the course, the Registrar's Office will assign a "Withdrawal" grade. If the service commitment extends beyond 12 months, the university will make a good faith effort to enable the student to complete the course. The opportunity is not assured if the instructor is no longer available, if the curriculum has changed significantly, or if other relevant changes have occurred since the student's previous enrollment.


  • Students will be permitted to re-enroll in the university without completing a formal readmission process if they:
    • Return after a cumulative absence of not more than five years.
    • Provide notice of intent to return not later than three years after the completion of the period of service.
  • The student is required to inform the university in writing of their intent to return for a given semester a minimum of 60 days prior to the beginning of that semester.
  • The student is assured of a return to the same program pursued at the time of the withdrawal. To continue with the program, the student may be required to meet requirements not in place at the time of the withdrawal. When limited numbers of students may enter a certain phase of the program in a given semester, the student will be given priority in the process by which members of the upcoming cohort are selected.
  • The university will make available counseling for the student to determine the impact of absence from the program on the ability to resume study, and will advise the student of options if a program is no longer available or suitable.
  • A student who had been accepted into a program but was unable to begin attendance due to military service will be permitted to defer enrollment in the program, provided the student meets entrance requirements current at the time of return.

--University Registrar's Office