EMU Statement on Faith Diversity

Eastern Mennonite University is a campus community made up of students from more than 50 denominations and faith backgrounds. EMU is committed to a constructive and respectful faith discourse which values perspectives from various faiths and traditions. 

With God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as guide, campus ministries offers hospitality, encourages faith formation, challenges for growth, mentors for leadership, and nurtures healing and hope among all members of the EMU campus community.

The campus pastors are available to the entire campus community as a spiritual resource for conversation, counseling, support and prayer for students of all faith backgrounds. The pastors offer pastoral care, invite and nurture leadership, and coordinate programs for spiritual formation and growth including university chapel services, faith formation groups, Bible study, speakers and spiritual retreats.

Faculty on campus represent a range of theological understandings and regularly engage with students around issue of faith formation and integration with their academic disciplines and student’s future careers.

Faith diversity is an important part of EMU’s campus, as is dialogue and respect. In recognition of this diversity, EMU is committed to creating a space where students of all backgrounds feel both challenged and respected.