Animals on Campus Policy

The following guidelines provide for a mutually supportive environment for leashed animals, service dogs, the people they accompany and the community at large on campus at Eastern Mennonite University.  

All animals on campus must be on a leash and under the constant supervision and control of their owner/guardian at all times.

  1. Except for service animals and Emotional Support Animals, no animals are permitted in University buildings or facilities. See EMU Emotional Support Animal Policy and Procedure and EMU Service Animal Policy.
  2. No animal may be left unattended at any time on campus. No animals may be tied or tethered to any University property, including but not limited to buildings, railings, bike racks, fire hydrants, fences, sign posts, benches, and trees.
  3. Animals are not permitted in flower gardens/beds or fountains.
  4. Animals may not disrupt or interfere with University activities, including but not limited to teaching, research, service, or administrative activities.
  5. Owners/guardians are responsible for clean up after their animals. Owners/guardians are strictly liable for any damage to property or injury to persons caused by their animals.
  6. Owners/guardians must comply with all state and local laws pertaining to animal control while on campus.
  7. These guidelines do not apply to animals used by the University for teaching purposes, research, or other authorized University activities.

Persons observing non-compliance with these guidelines should call the Facilities Management Office (540-432-4391) for follow up. Non-compliance that is contrary to state or local regulations will be reported to the Harrisonburg Police Department Support Services Animal Control Unit.