Student Participation in Institutional Decision Making

Eastern Mennonite University desires students to participate in making decisions that affect them. In its efforts to create a campus community, the administration wishes to include the voices of every group that constitutes the community. At the formal organizational level student participation occurs through membership on selected institutional committees and through student or student/faculty/staff organizations in the various programs. Students are considered voting members of the institutional committees on which they serve. In the case of departmental faculty or staff committees, the department decides whether or not student representatives are voting members of the committee. In all cases, student voices are welcomed. Student representatives to committees are encouraged to find ways to communicate with their fellow students about relevant issues, both to acquire feedback from other students and to disseminate information and committee decisions when appropriate. Students are encouraged to accept opportunities to serve on committees, as well as to be active participants in student organizations.

Adopted by President’s Cabinet,

May 12, 1999