Electronic Vehicle Policy

Individual Use Motorized Electric Vehicles (e.g. electric scooters, electric bicycles)

Due to potential safety risks for pedestrians and riders of individual use motorized electric vehicles (including but not limited to: electric scooters, electric bicycles) students, faculty and staff members should be aware of the following:

  • Individual use motorized electric vehicles including electric scooters and electric bicycles may not be ridden on campus or city sidewalks, but are allowed to be ridden in bike lanes or close to the right curb on roadways. Riders must obey all traffic rules including street signs, traffic lights, speed limits and stop signs, and use caution when approaching and overtaking pedestrians. Riders are advised to wear helmets and to never use a cell phone while operating an electric motorized vehicle. Do not operate an electric motorized vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

  • Electric motorized vehicles are not allowed inside any university building. Personally owned electric motorized vehicles must be stored at designated parking and charging locations.

  • Electric scooters and electric bicycles must be parked in designated bicycle parking areas, and should not be left on sidewalks, streets, grass, mulch, or in other areas.

  • Leaving electric scooters and electric bicycles or other vehicles beside the entrances/exits of a building or on sidewalks/service drives impacts the fire code, life/safety access and maintenance access.

  • EMU students are prohibited from using residence halls, their assigned room or any equipment or facilities found in residence halls or rooms for the purposes of conducting a personal business. Specifically, residents are prohibited from using the university power grid to charge electric vehicles, electric scooters or electric bicycles for profit.

  • This policy does not prohibit the possession and charging of personally owned electric vehicles, electric scooters and electric bicycles on campus as long as they are kept at designated electric parking and charging spots.

  • Violations of this policy will be handled according to the following protocol:

    • Electric vehicles for personal use found in buildings on campus will be confiscated by residence life staff in the case of residence halls or campus safety officers in situations where these vehicles are found in other buildings or on campus grounds.

      • Electric vehicles for personal use will be stored in designated charging/storage areas

      • Individuals found to have violated this policy may be assessed a fee

      • When a violation of this policy occurs, a security and safety incident report form will be completed for the purpose of maintaining an accurate record of policy violations

    • Electronic vehicles which are the personal property of an individual from whom they are confiscated can be retrieved from the campus safety and security office for a fee of $100 within 30 days of confiscation. After 30 days has passed any confiscated property will be disposed of as EMU sees fit.

Approved by President’s Cabinet,

December 12, 2018


Due to safety risks of self-balancing electric wheeled boards (hoverboards), the use, possession, charging and/or storage of these devices is prohibited on the university campuses, in university facilities, in university housing or university property.

Approved by President’s Cabinet,

February 1, 2016