Grading Policy

Undergraduate Grading System

  • A Excellent                                                         
    • A = 4.0 quality points
    • A- = 3.7 quality points
  • B Very good
    • B+ = 3.3 quality points
    • B = 3.0 quality points
    • B- = 2.7 quality points
  • C Satisfactory
    • C+ = 2.3 quality points               
    • C = 2.0 quality points                
    • C- = 1.7 quality points
  • D Unsatisfactory
    • D+ = 1.3 quality points
    • D = 1.0 quality point
  • Failure Zero quality points

Incomplete. Allowed at the discretion of the instructor only in case of an emergency or other unforeseen problem. An incomplete (I) must be removed within six weeks from the end of the term in which the incomplete was assigned, or it is replaced by an F.

Pass. Indicates performance at a level of C- or above. Does not calculate into grade point average. Given in certain courses designated Pass/Fail.

SP Satisfactory Progress. Indicates satisfactory achievement to date in a course which has not yet been completed. This is not a final grade.

Withdrawal. Indicates the student withdrew from the course between the fifth and ninth weeks of the semester. Does not calculate into grade point average.

Pass/Fail Option. Allowed in elective courses for juniors and seniors with university registrar’s office approval by the end of the fourth week of the semester. A grade of C- or above submitted by the instructor will result in a pass grade on the student’s record. Any grade below a C- is reported on the student’s record as received from the instructor.

Graduate and Seminary Grading System

Refer to the graduate program or seminary catalogs.

Grade Appeal Process

Grade appeals are not subject to the normal grievance procedures. A student who wishes to appeal a grade must follow these steps in the order listed:

  1. Confer with the instructor who gave the grade, stating the reason(s) she/he feels a change of grade is warranted. At this conference the instructor has the obligation to explain to the student the basis for determining the grade that the student has been awarded.
  2. If the instructor does not feel that a change in grade is warranted, the student may appeal to the chair/program director of the department/program in which the course is offered.
  3. A final appeal may be made to the respective dean if the appeal to the department chair/program director does not result in a satisfactory resolution of the appeal.

At each level of appeal there is the responsibility to confer with the instructor who may be required to review the basis used in determining the grade that was awarded to the student. All grade changes must be authorized by the person who agreed to the change and must use the formal grade change process of the university registrar’s office.