Graduate Teaching Mentorships Policy


The purpose of this policy is to specify guidelines for graduate students who wish to be mentored in teaching by assisting regular faculty in the undergraduate classroom.

Policy Statement

Graduate programs and undergraduate departments in selected cases may agree to allow a graduate student to participate in teaching an undergraduate course. The purposes of such mentorships may include one or all of the following:

  1. To provide mentored teaching experience to the graduate student.
  2. To increase diversity and expertise in the undergraduate classroom.
  3. Secondarily, to provide some assistance to the overseeing instructor.

To participate, graduate students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have completed at least 18 hours of graduate coursework in the discipline; exceptions may be made where the student has significant prior teaching or training experience.
  2. Have the approval of the departmental faculty.
  3. Be under the direct supervision of a faculty member who is assigned to the course, participates in teaching the course, and serves as the instructor of record.  The faculty member functions as a teaching mentor and provides oversight and evaluative feedback at regular intervals during the mentorship.  Reappointment is dependent upon favorable evaluation by students and faculty.

As mentorships are considered an educational opportunity, there will normally be no remuneration for this. Participating graduate students may receive credit by registering for an independent study under the guidance of the faculty member overseeing the independent study. In other cases this experience may take place as part of a practicum or internship.

Responsible Policy

The responsibility for this policy lies with the Provost. Graduate programs are responsible to institute and monitor the policy as well.

Policy Review

This policy is to be reviewed after the first three years and then every five years thereafter.


The policy is distributed via the Faculty/Staff Handbook.

Reviewed by University Graduate Council, April 16, 2001
Approved by Academic Cabinet, April 16, 2001
Revised January 12, 2005
Revised by University Graduate Council, October 4, 2010
Approved by Academic Cabinet, October 20, 2010
Approved by Provost's Council, April 30, 2020