Joint Ventures Form

Prior to the beginning of selected courses or programs under this policy, the administrator responsible for the course or program must submit to the provost’s office a manila file containing the following completed form and attachments.

1. Describe the practices used for determining the amount and level of credit awarded for the course or program.

2. Indicate the bodies and dates when the course or program was approved by the faculty and/or administration.  (Attach a copy of the minutes documenting approval.)

3. Identify the faculty and their qualifications and indicate whether official transcripts and resumes are filed in the provost’s office.

4. Identify the desired student outcomes in the course or program and tell how these are being assessed.

5. In the event that a student enrollment agreement is not used, describe how students are fully informed of their rights and responsibilities, as well as procedures and guidelines used for disciplinary cases and student complaints, prior to enrollment and payment of fees. (Attach a copy of the enrollment agreement if one is used.)

6. Describe how student academic advising, student support services, and appropriate learning resources are provided. To ensure quality, identify the qualifications of personnel involved.

7. If a teach-out agreement is not provided, describe why it is not necessary.

8. Indicated whether approvals are needed (and have been obtained) from the state in which the course or program is offered or from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. (Attach letters of approval.)

9. Describe how recruitment is handled and describe the arrangements and training provided to ensure appropriate conduct. (To ensure accurate representation of the institution, attach any promotional and advertising materials used.)

10. In order to justify their adequacy, briefly describe the facilities used to support the educational program.

11. Describe the billing, collection, and refund practices that have been approved for the course or program.

12. Describe the procedures that will be used to periodically review the course or program.

13. Attach the syllabus for the course or courses.