Teaching Learning Committee


The committee supports faculty professional learning and self-efficacy related to evidence-based, student-centered, inclusive learning and teaching practices. This committee seeks to promote student learning, success, and excellence by supporting faculty development. Creativity and innovation are encouraged, seek teaching excellence, practice critical reflection, and seek greater empathy and understanding of our students and ourselves. We recognize the important role of self-efficacy and learning to human flourishing and well being.
This group will connect to both the Diversify and Engage goals of the strategic plan. The primary purpose of this committee is to support faculty development related to teaching and learning. This will include raising awareness and "supporting faculty development to implement student-centered pedagogies" (D4). The committee will advocate for more resources for and recognition of faculty professional development in the areas of teaching and learning. We seek to increase access to resources and activities focused on student-centered teaching.


To advocate for faculty professional development through various initiatives and venues (Professional Learning Communities, workshops, etc.) to:

  • implement effective student-centered pedagogies and instructional tools.
  • advocate for an anti-racist perspective.
  • increase faculty understanding of and empathy for a diverse student body.
  • disseminate and archive teaching and learning resources for faculty access.
  • connect faculty and administrators with off-campus resources (conferences, workshops, resources) to aid teaching.
  • promote the effective application of instructional technology systems (eg. tools, LMS platforms, etc.) as well as encourage innovation in this area.

To act as a liaison to various groups and initiatives on campus related to teaching and learning excellence to:

  • engage faculty in pedagogical discourse and reflection
  • facilitate and support grass-roots initiatives
  • advocate for the creation of a center for resources and collaboration of learning among EMU faculty
  • collaborate with teaching and learning focused work of the Academic Success Center.
  • communicate committee initiatives to the campus community as appropriate, specifically but not exclusively:
    • executive director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • director of libraries
    • student life professional educator representative
    • faculty senate


faculty coordinator of Center for Teaching and Learning
academic dean
director of academic success center
at least one faculty representative teaching in UG/G from each of the three schools
information systems representative

Faculty representatives from each school serve two-year terms


Co-chair, faculty coordinator of Center for Teaching and Learning and academic dean


Minutes are circulated to members and are reported to the archives, president, provost, academic deans, assistant provost for student success, institutional research, faculty senate


Will meet at least once a month during the Fall and Spring Semesters.