Honors Committee


The Honors Committee provides overall direction and ongoing management for the Honors Program, appoints an annual selection sub-committee to recruit and select qualified students for the program, and reviews curriculum proposals for colloquia including determining courses to be offered and faculty assignments.


Community input is provided through representation on the committee, which includes students, faculty, and administration. When deemed necessary, committee members seek wider input from faculty serving as mentors to honors students, the broader faculty, and honors students. The director(s) presents an agenda with input from the officers of the Honors Student Council. Decisions regarding the honors program curriculum are processed through the undergraduate decision-making steps, whereas the Honors Committee in consultation with the undergraduate academic dean makes decisions on faculty assignments for specific courses.


provost (ex-officio), director of the honors program, one faculty member from each of the schools, an alumnus of the program, and officers of the Honors Student Council

Serve three-year terms


director of honors program