QEP Implementation Team


The QEPIT provides leadership and oversight for the University's Quality Enhancement Plan First Year Advising team. Specifically, the team facilitates coordination between academics, student services, and the assistant provost for student success and first-year advisors and evaluates the effectiveness of the project.


Successful coordination between academics and student services in developing and supporting student-centered advising resources and protocols.
Yearly evaluation reports which will be compiled into the 5-year QEP report for SACS


dean of students, assistant provost for student success, one academic dean, director of academic success center, core director, registrar, admissions representative, director of student programs and Title IX coordinator, director of career services, administrative support, 2 faculty reps (from school that academic dean is not in)

Faculty representatives serve three-year terms


Dean of Students and Assistant Provost for Student Success



Meetings are when necessary throughout the fall and spring semesters.