Academic Council


The Academic Council will be the academic legislative body of the faculty and will act on behalf of the faculty in making decisions or approving recommendations that pertain to the curriculum or academic policies.
The faculty are an integral component of the University structure and, along with the Board of Trustees and executive administration, are responsible for the well-being of the University community. The faculty are directly responsible for providing the quality of education provided at EMU, for supporting holistic personal development in students, and for conducting academic inquiry.


The Academic Council exercises the delegated authority of the faculty. In representing the faculty and seeking the well-being of the academic units, the Academic Council is authorized to:
A. Approve academic policies
B. Approve curricular proposals arising from any school, center, or instructional site at EMU

  1. Approve Core curriculum proposals as recommended by the Core Curriculum Committee
  2. Approve Intercultural programs & proposals as recommended by the Intercultural Committee

C. Give counsel to Academic Deans as requested
D. Empower faculty representatives from each school to function as a liaison between this group and the faculty in the school
E. Convene a special Faculty Meeting as needed to present issues, invite broader discussion, or secure broad-based support.


Academic Council will consist of:

  • Academic Deans 
  • 3 Program Director representatives from each school- to reflect the mix of programs in the school
  • Assistant Provost for Student Success
  • EMU Core Curriculum Director
  • Writing Program Director
  • Director of Intercultural Programs
  • CODI representative with faculty status

Academic Council will be co-chaired by one Academic Dean (chosen by the currently serving academic deans)  and a faculty member (selected by the other members of the Academic Council).
ex officio and non-voting members: Registrar, Library, Career Services, SGA president, Director of Academic Success Center
Faculty Senate representative (ex officio)—if no member of the Academic Council is also a senator.

Appointment of Members 

The Academic Deans, Assistant Provost for Student Success, EMU Core Curriculum Director, Writing Program Director, and Director of Intercultural Programs are members of the Committee based upon their positions.
The Program Director Representatives are elected by faculty (as defined above) in their school. The Academic Dean prepares the ballot, and elections are conducted at the final School meeting of each year. All Program Directors are listed on the ballot unless an individual requests to be omitted based on unusual circumstances. Program Director Representatives elected to the Academic Committee shall serve two-year terms and will represent the interests of their respective schools by attending Academic Council meetings and communicating the opinions and perspectives of the faculty in their schools. Program Director Representatives will report to the members of their respective schools on the work and actions of the Academic Council. See Academic Council Election Procedure.


The Academic Council will meet at least once a month during each semester of the regular academic year. All Academic Council meetings will be open unless an executive session is designated. Executive sessions will include only voting Members of the council.
The three finger vote (3-fully support, 2- can live with & support, 1-do not consent) has been adopted for use by Academic Council, to be reviewed every three years. Passage of motions and recommendations requires an affirmation of at least 80% of those voting members in attendance. The Dean's offices will provide notice of formal actions of the Academic Council to all members of the Faculty by the end of the work week in which the action is taken.
The Academic Council must schedule a special meeting at the written request of the University President or Provost, at the request of any five Academic Council members, or at the request of at least seven faculty members.